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Are you a student with entrepreneurial aspirations?

Then we invite you to Get Started!

Your college days are thé best time to explore how your ideas can contribute to business and society. We see too often that this first step is never taken, and you're left with your 'could-have-beens'.

GetStarted offers students the right tools and mind-set to turn ideas into reality. Whether you already have a fully running start-up and want to scale-up, you just have an idea for a business or student team, or you want to 'future-proof' yourself, this day you'll take that next essential step. During an exciting and energy-filled afternoon, our experts will drag you out of your comfort-zone and right into the entrepreneurial state of mind.

June 7th 2017
Main Event: 15.00 - 18.30

TU Eindhoven
Senaatszaal Auditorium

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* TU/e alumnus

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